What kind of application can make your life easier?

In today’s world we use smartphone like our parents use electricity: it is completely normal, everyday using without wondering. We have smartphones, we use it. And that’s all. And we use the possibilities of smartphones intuitively, for example different kinds of applications which make our lives easier. We made a short list of these useful programs which can facilitate your everyday life.

Public transport application

If you live in a city and don’t use a car, this kind of application is necessary for you. These applications offer you a timetable and information about the most important breakdowns and delays. You can also follow your bus or tram live with GPS.

Habit tracker

Another kind of useful applications are habit tracker. They help in self-development. You can put chosen development areas or just dreamed habits and then follow your progress. Majority of this kind applications offers also reminders. You can set an alarm and take information it is time to practice sport or learn foreign language.

Shopping applications

Who don’t like to spend less money? This kind of applications can help you spare your money. Shop’s chains offer discounts are information about sales with their applications.

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