Spa without moving from home

Everyone deserves for a bit of luxury in some spa every once and a while but of course – not everybody can afford it. But don’t worry! You could make a spa in your own home without spent a lot of money and travel far away. You need only a few things and a bit of calm. So – pack your children and husband, let them go to the amusement park, and take your time only for you.


Smell is very important if you would like to chill out. It creates proper atmosphere to relax and forget about whole world. Choose your favourite smell. For example – I adore vanilla, forest and chocolate. My sister picks fruits fragrances and her girlfriend loves flowers. You can use essential oils or fragrance candles. Take it with you to the bathroom.


It helps to feel really relaxed. You can listen to delicate, relaxing music or for example sounds of nature: singing birds, rustling water or leaves.


The main part of our home-made spa. Take a bath – bubble bath, rose bath (with roses’ petal), fragrance bath – what do you really want. Put on your face a beauty mask. Smear yourself with a balm.

And the most important thing: relax. Don’t think about your everyday life, about troubles. Concentrate only for a fragrance, music and your pleasure at that moment.

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